The one unwavering, unifying goal of the organization, and indeed, the primary vision of ShakthiUS is to build a shelter where domestic violence victims of South Asian descent can come for guidance, safety, and housing as they hopefully transition from an abusive relationship.

Domestic violence victims can get assistance from other worthy organizations. However, these organizations are not equipped to deal with the various cultural issues and norms that arise in the South Asian community. It is difficult enough to report an abusive relationship as most South Asian cultures teach women from a young age to always stay in a relationship even to the detriment of their mental and physical well being.


Even after overcoming this hurdle, once a woman goes to a shelter, she will most likely encounter unfamiliar surroundings including food and language barriers.


It is these types of situations where ShakthiUS sees an opportunity to create a unique shelter. Surrounding a domestic violence victim with food from her own country, language from her own country, and faces of others from her own country who have experienced the same situation who can empower a victim to overcome the hurdles of leaving an abusive relationship.


It will show a victim that she is not alone in this fight. She will have the psychological and emotional support to take back her life, end the abusive relationship, and begin the rebuilding process.