Madhu Paturi

Madhurima Boyapati Paturi is the founder and President of ShakthiUS, a non-profit based in Central Florida dedicated to empowering girls and women of South Asian origin. In the course of dealing with clients as an Immigration Attorney, Mrs. Paturi observed firsthand that domestic violence was rarely spoken about in the South Asian community. Due to cultural norms, domestic violence victims often had to suffer alone, as the issue was not spoken about in families or outside of the home. Mrs. Paturi knew that domestic violence was not an isolated incident limited to only a few families, but because the issue was rarely spoken or reported about, there were limited information as to how prevalent it is in the South Asian community.


Lalitha Alladi

Lalitha Alladi is an immigration attorney, practicing law since 2006. Her inspiration to practice law came from her great-grandfather, who is one of the three members of the Indian Constituent Assembly, Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer. Lalitha's passion for Shatkhi US comes from seeing immigrants being afraid of leaving a dangerous domestic situation for fear that they will lose their immigration status. In addition to immigration, she has a background in criminal prosecution, defense, and bankruptcy. Additionally, Lalitha serves on the board of the South Asian Bar Association of Georgia.

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 Shila Madhuri Jannu

Kiran Garcia

Kiran came to the U.S. as a teenager.  Growing up in India, Kiran saw the effects of domestic violence and the helplessness and oppression it created.   Kiran has worked with domestic violence victims during her internship at Legal Aid Society of Broward county where a client of Pakistani descent would not have been helped otherwise due the language barrier.  Kiran is fluent in Hindi, Sindhi, French and Spanish.  When asked to join Shakthi, Kiran saw it as her calling.  Shakthi’s mission is very dear to her heart.  She hopes to use her skills and expertise to be the voice for the voiceless. Kiran’s passionate about reaching out and growing Shakthi’s presence in our communities. 


Alka Singh

I’ve got more than 15 years’ of teaching experience, including 8 years in USA (High School). What I am good at is accepting responsibility, focusing on WE not I, keep a positive attitude and have developed patience over time. And the reason why I’m here, is to build relationships and empower women who are struggling and be their strength and help to build self-esteem. I’m not good on details; but that is my vision. I promise that I’ll get people excited about Shakti’s vision, help build strong relationships, listen to others and be composed and passionate for Goal.” I’m looking forward to working with all of you.”

 Shila Madhuri Jannu

I am Shila Madhuri Jannu and I am from Hyderabad, India. Ever since I was a law school graduate I have always wanted to do something for the upliftment of women and young girls because they are vulnerable and prone to abuse. I believe ShakthiUS will educate, encourage, and support women to stand tall. I feel blessed and honored to join ShakthiUS and be a part of this mission of empowering and educating young girls and women. ShakthiUS, like it’s meaning, will give strength to women to break through the barriers of abuse and help them live a life free of fear and violence. Working towards this vision is gratifying, satisfying, and makes my life worthwhile.

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Nicole Varma

For nearly five years, Nicole worked at Break the Cycle, a national teen dating violence nonprofit where she not only raised awareness and funds for the organization and issue, she also worked on policy the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Nicole attended the University of Florida, where she first got involved in South Asian organizing and served as the South Asian American Student Alliance President among many other South Asian and campus groups. Nicole has remained passionate about the University of Florida serving on alumni boards in both D.C. and Central Florida. Nicole also continued organizing Asian Americans after college, both in DC and Florida and was most recently serving as the Florida State Director for South Asians for Biden. Nicole is currently pursuing her Masters in Nonprofit Management at the University of Central Florida.

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Jayasri Tipirneni

I have been working as a Medical Coding Specialist for last 32 years.  My kids are all grown up and have their own families.  I use to organize International vacations and traveled with friends.  I am very compassionate and eager to help when I ever I can.  I am close to retiring and spend my time with helping friends.


Aditi Katta

She is an undergraduate student who works with Shakti as the chair of the Youth Committee. Aditi is a first year student at the University of Miami pursuing a degree in Neuroscience. In her spare time, she does clinical research in the Epilepsy center at the Miller School of Medicine. Aditi believes that educating young women about the global socio-political climate can help them make decisions that better the lives of women everywhere and that empowering women has a powerful effect on generational cycles of poverty in underprivileged areas.

Debbie Satyal

Debbie Satyal is an accomplished attorney currently serving as an inhouse litigation attorney for Office Depot (located in Boca Raton, Florida).  She has more than a decade of litigation experience in state courts and federal courts (including Immigration and Bankruptcy).  She proudly has served on multiple community organizations for years, including as a Director with TED Center, Director for the South Asian Bar Association of Florida and in leadership with New Leaders Council, Palm Beach.  She enthusiastically now joins Shakthi as a Director on its Board. Ms. Satyal is a graduate of the University of Florida and is also an alumna of Boston College Law School. 

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